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Keanu Reeves Token?! 100X JOHN WICK TOKEN!! Keanu Reeves Crypto

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  1. Guys pls im broke
    Share me binance smart chain any amounts pls


  2. The only keanu you need is $KEANU INU
    Growing faster than all previous inu coins including kishu.
    Do your own research and see for yourself!

  3. This is the scam Keanu, it's made for rug pulls since the start and this influencer is paid for it

  4. Pack your bags boys! We going to the moon $KEANU KEANU INU Coin ?????????? $REEVES is copycat. $KEANU is the real deal!

  5. Who doesn't love Keanu!? Amazing concept, low market cap, doxxed devs! ?
    What else can we ask for!? $REEVES TO THE MOOOOOOOON! ?

  6. I am going to pop into the Telegram and look into this further. Thanks for another informative video Radies!

  7. StarPup is a bep20 token designed with a mission to build an animal sanctuary, and end mass euthanization of companion animals.

    This is the contract?? 26k market cap already they just launched


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