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Kin Price Prediction For 2021

Let me update you on Kin coin price action and while we`re at let me do some Kin coin price prediction for 2021! KIN price prediction will be based on technical …



  1. The reason why there was no action on KIN for so long until that "lucky" candle. It was due people being hesitant on buying the coin before their case concluded that they had against them. I was someone who didnt wait and i had invested earlier into them because i felt they had a good chance at winning.

    Their case lasted a long while.

    KIN WON against the opposing party in their case and this is why people started buying the coin again and the price started going back up.

  2. KIN … $0.20 … 2021 End of Year .
    Swap for KIN on .. Math Wallet .. Solana .. Raydium .
    ( Swap, Add Liquidity, and Farm )
    KIN … Get It Now … on Raydium Swap or Serum Market !

  3. Will KIN reach 0.1 ( 10 Cents this year)…..Can i buy KIN Or AION So, Confusing Help me Out to Choose Plz

  4. What is your prediction for Vechain? And, do you still think Harmony is going to 5x by the end of May?

  5. What are the concrete reasons to support your thought that Kin is bullish? You just tell what level it can go without telling the timeline and the reasons behind it

  6. I love your content bro! Keep up the good work! I would love if you made a prediction on StormX someday. A really exciting coin with a good idea behind it imo.

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