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Learn Unity & C# – [2] Project Window / Asset Folder – A free beginner course by N3K

In this second episode, we have a look at our project’s asset folder, and we import few files to test it out! ▻——————————————————-◅ Join the …



  1. thank you so much , as a non English person and unity beginer , I almost understand everything you talked . you are amazing .

  2. Hi! Thank you very much for your tutorials! I have a little question – can I use MonoDeveloper instead of Visual Studio? Can it be a problem for the project?

  3. Nice tutorial!
    I already know the very basic stuff, so I'm skipping the first few videos, but I know that they are good! 😀

  4. pls can.u do tut about how to make shop system in 2d game?? like buying and equipping weapons to use in different scenes

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