Chia Network (XCH) News

Let's talk about Chia Network – an amazing NEW crypto!

Open mic time with Wes! Let’s talk about crypto, cybersecurity, startups and more!



  1. Let others build wallets. Not stoked about the idea of having less nodes. We need as much decentralization as possible!

  2. Awesome info and very in depth thanks alot for introducing me to Chia! Im trying out making a plot to start out with 🙂

  3. Since Secret Network was brought up, and it's using Cosmos, I want to bring up Akash Network, which is also in the Cosmos ecosystem. I highly recommend researching AKT!

  4. Eagle Mining code: Mustafayeva
    PiNetwork code: Ayanamil
    Bee Network code: mabudova
    Time Stope code: konulm
    Ant Network code: Mustafayeva_Konul
    Alpha Network code: Amilim

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