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LIBERTY, DEBT, & GOLD: Why Is This Coin So Expensive?!

LIBERTY, DEBT & GOLD #gold #coin #traxnyc Let’s see how many views I can get without screaming. Comment your thoughts. @will_traxnyc made this happen …



  1. What are your thoughts on the video guys ?! Thanks to all who like, comment and share the videos 🙂 You are the best guys !

    Let’s see how many views I can get without screaming. Comment your thoughts.

    @will_traxnyc made this happen for the client. You can hit him direct or live chat on the site

    Email: [email protected]

    Shout out to Wayne the Attorney for the project ?

  2. @TraxNYC Diamond Jewerly amazing video! If I purchase more than an ounce of 10k gold, would it still be considered a regular ounce of gold?

  3. Bitter sweet watching this video. I just bought this coin but it was expensive paid 2,3k. hopefully the prices still go up

  4. Almost 2 months of the run around im in the process of getting my money back … Lol what a shit experience….

  5. Man people don’t get how much game and knowledge you really drop man? I’ve been studying for a while and finally starting the journey to get into this jewelry game hope to be where your at in 15 years also

  6. Oops, I found wrong channel to watch. After mortgage, car payment and all bills I don’t have that much money left to buy anything from this store.

  7. I purchased this Gold coin from the US mint in 2019.
    Currently, I have no plans on selling it.
    I love what you did with it!

  8. Take a rare coin and turn it into jewelry.. Not sure how I feel about that heh.
    I'd love to have a gold Buffalo or American gold Eagle as a charm flooded out with diamonds tho, looks dope af.


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  10. Just hit my first oz of 10k gold in jewelry got about 3 lbs worth of 925 jewelry and 16 1 oz silver coins. Only up from here

  11. I purchased this 1 oz Gold coin when it was first released.
    Also purchased the 1/10 oz gold coin as well.
    I purchased the 4 Silver medal set as well.
    Beautiful, just beautiful!

  12. As a coin collector I hate seeing a coin like that in a pendant. With coins condition is everything. Gold is soft. That coin will banged up and scratched up and only worth the weight in gold

  13. When my uncle died I got a 1732 Mexican R8 realas got it appraised at $14,000 and sold it at $10,600. First shop I went to they offered $50 bucks. I did my research on it and profited.

  14. I'm interested in buying gold bars. What brand do you suggest or doesn't it really make any difference?

  15. Stop giving prices on your YouTube when you know soon as the person go to the store and buy it you gonna charge them double plus down grade the diamonds and gold you are the biggest fraud speaiclly because you always crying on these videos about you have to pay your rent and employee's you have to do this and that we not buying your life style we buying jewlery so please stop complaining about what you have to do basically trying to justify why the prices are so high

  16. I wanna say, I'm surprised at the low price gold is going for. According to the books, this inflation and money printing. Should affect the gold prices more, I wonder why it's not? Gold is a very important protection against, inflation, banks withholding your money for whatever reasons, and a variety of other things. I think every American should have at least an ounce of gold!

  17. Another class video ? and lots of very useful information huge respect and salutes fi Edinburgh Scotland ??????? peace ✌

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