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Live chat with Tecra CEO, 2020 review and plans for next year!

On Thursday we are holding a livestream to tell you what we achieved in 2020, outline the plans for 2021, and try to answer all of your questions! The most …



  1. Timecodes and highlights of the stream

    01:45 Start and topics to discuss during the stream

    02:25 Mandatory MasterNodeupdate

    03:08 a little about Tecra

    03:52 Crowdfunding platform Tecra Space

    04:50 BETA version of the platform

    07:15 Options of the user panel

    08:00 Wallets in the user panel

    08:35 What are Space Tokens

    10:20 HotBit exchange

    10:40 Why the price will grow – Spacewalker project

    13:25 Where and how you can buy TecraCoin

    14:08 About TECRA and projects again

    16:36 Commissions of Tecra Space platform

    18:20 Benefits for Investors

    20:20 Benefits for creators

    21:17 Plans for 2021 and platform projects

    25:30 Smart contracts and blockchain

    26:26 What is TecraCoin

    29:15 Graphene Bulb prototype

    30:33 MasterNode

    31:25 Does the Tecra project have a plan to help improve the economy in underdeveloped countries?

    32:45 What are the future projects?

    34:07 Pros and cons of the Tecra project?

    36:06 What is the future of TecraCoin?

    36:24 How can TecraCoin help us right now in the middle of a pandemic?

    37:30 Question about KYC on the platform

    38:00 plans for Binance DEX?

    39:07 Is Tecra coins great for a newbie about crypto? Good time to invest in TecraCoin

    40:06 News section about TecraCoin

    41:10 Tecra company and its legitimacy

    41:53 Tokens of the projects

    42:39 Do you have staking and farming?

    43:28 How is this project different from the others? and how is this more beneficial to use than the other projects same as this?

    45:28 How it works?

    47:32 How to join and invest?

    50:10 Again about Graphene Bulb

    50:48 Spacewalkers project

    52:00 TecraCoin blockchain

    54:30 Why are we not focusing on Europe?

    55:50 International communities

  2. I hope that Tecra will be able to be the "home" for investors…can't wait to see your projects in the future! Best of luck

  3. Now, that's an interesting project! Looking forward to see more of it ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป You guys are totally dope!

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