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Logitech G305 Weight Reduction Mod Including Battery Ultra light Gaming Mouse

This YouTube video Is The Logitech G305 Weight Reduction Mod where I remove 33 grams making it an Ultra Lightweight gaming mouse and use a battery mod …



  1. i think anyone who will do this just went overboard …just use lithium AAA battery with tin-foil what i do ..and at 80g pretty satisfied

  2. Кнопки вообще не советую сверлить , а то они деформируются

  3. I have a trick that I've done on a G9 and now this mouse, take the mouse feet off and sand the bottom flat with 20 grit sandpaper, cut about 2 grams, with potential for maybe 3 or 4 considering how much surface area you're impacting. You can take it down to your desired thickness.

  4. Nice video! The only mod viable for me is the tinfoil.
    But thanks for showing us what is actually possible.

  5. beardedob, i checked your custom shop, are you exclusive to only modding razer, logitech, zowie and glorious? i was wondering if you also do steelseries, specifically 310 for new switches and cable

  6. Imagine doing all this to play with some scuffed piece of incomplete hardware. Just go for the Model O wireless or the Pwnage ultra custom…………………..

  7. Nic vid but personally I use the scroll wheel and mouse side buttons (for Fortnite ) so I won’t do this little trick

  8. You still responding to all comments after a year! :O you should really try trimming the pcb and removing all the connectors, wires soldered directly + using cheap carbon (not alkaline) AAA they weight nothing! Maybe adding thin transparent plastic films at bottom with a couple super glue drops, would prevent dust getting in

  9. Use button batteries. With two button batteries and some tin foil, it weighs in at 77g with the case. Without the case it's 70g.

  10. Perfectly! I saw how you can replace the AAA adapter saving 4 grams of weight without spending a cent, that's all I needed!

  11. Can I use a G102's pcb instead? Having a spare around so i don't wanna waste it for a 30$ wireless one :/

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