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LOST $100,000 IN THE OCBC PHISHING SCAM | What You Need To Know To Prevent Losing All Your Money!

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URGENT: 469 people fell victim to the recent phishing scam and lost in total $8.5m!
This relates to recent news on ocbc bank customers who received phishing sms and gave away their bank account user and password.
Today you’d hear findings and recommendations.

0:00 Introduction of this recent series of complaints by OCBC bank customers

0:30 Young couple who lost $120,000
They took 5years to build up this savings.
Is it time to reconsider how much we keep in bank accounts?

1:04 Mother of seven lost $100,000
She assessed a shortened link that sent her to a phishing website.
Findings from captain sinkie research into the hack.

2:37 OCBC scam victim couple
Lost all their life savings to 5 overseas transactions

3:17 OTP and 2FA issues
Can sms be hacked? OTP can be diverted away.

4:36 Illustrating scam or impersonating websites
Four advertisements impersonating the original

6:28 Reading URLs

8:18 Petition to “Stop SMS Phishing Scams in Singapore By Requiring Pre-Registration for SMS senderId”

9:13 Bonus point

Article by captain sinkie:

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