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Want to know why they market is going down – this is your crypto news today video….with huge Ethereum news and big Bitcoin news. Check out my private …



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  2. Jade Currency has a good design and a very small suply. I was researching some and I found her project very interesting, it is already consolidated in the market and is also being listed in several brokers.

  3. This is such bullshit, some fucking whale takes 30% of my float I’m never investing in crypto again ill absolutely never support a currency that can lose half its value in a day

  4. Hey Austin. Can we have your opinion on the future of XRP.

    Do you think it's going to crush SEC?
    If so, what is the likely price action going to be like.

    Thanks for the positivity. <3

  5. So many people are trying to become millionaires over night. Investing is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes years to see significant gains.

  6. The general stock market also dropped. I was curious how the crypto market was going to roll, it looks like it has very similar pullback motions in the last year. This correction shows how strong and evolved the crypto market has become in Americas economy!

  7. I think they're trying to dissuade other countries from doing what El Salvador did, this isn't natural, I'm sure of it. How else would everything tank overnight? All at once? I believe that's it. Isn't it funny how every time there's good news for crypto the rug is pulled out? It's just powerful people wielding their power, they don't want to lose it. Manipulating the markets is what they do best, I just hope too many people don't fall for it or they get exactly what they want.

  8. I'm not sure it's an adjustment more than the tax hike announcement the UK gov made today – the gold and silver markets took a dive too…it may have sparked a buy off, but prices seem to be recovering now.

    Solana dipped, but is right back up to near its high like a badboy! Good call, Austin.

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