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MAJOR XRP RIPPLE UPDATE: Analyst: XRP To $13.33, Head Of SEC Gensler: Endorses Ripple / XRP Tech?

Plus more Ripple news as they ad a big name to their board of directors! MAJOR XRP RIPPLE UPDATE: Most POWERFULL Woman In Crypto: Reviews RIPPLE …



  1. As always, mate, cool analytics! thank u for your work! keep up the amazing work! ya're doing perfect! btw, I chose $Daisy after they launched Daisy Launchpad. I would be happy to hear your prediction on this.

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  5. Man, I genuinely hope all this talk about XRP amounts to something of BTC levels. Otherwise, so many people are going to lose all their credibility 🙈

  6. I think as Gary Gensler lectured at MIT he was actually talking about ALGORAND as that was founded by his friend and fellow MIT lecturer and a legend in cryptography Silvio Micali. Kind of obvious I think.

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  8. check out FLARE networks it's smart contracts that settle with XRP, should be a great De Fi competitor to ETH

  9. I'm surprised anyone would back ETH at this point, horrible tech, terrible fee's, bloated, polluting and backed by CHINA. If ETH were going to solve their scalability issues it would have already been done by now. It is (in my humble opinion) already technologically redundant. Just my humble 2 drops.

  10. He basically just said that XRP is going to be the largest if not the only platform for transferring large amounts of liquidity.

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