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Moonpad Launches but no Presale Token Allocation, Yet

UPDATE… Moonpad Token Watchers: Moonpad is distributing tokens to those who participated in presale, but slowly. They claim it’s caused by a DOSS attack …



  1. If you purchased Moonpad on presale you now have chance at current price to:

    – Sell half to recoup total investment
    – take profit
    – leave in half (which they are still holding to give later) for profits over time

    Often in presales, because there's so many advantages to being at the front of the line, even when it's bad (and this presale was BAD) it can be good. If you sell to minimize risk when there are a lot of flags saying that is what you should do. If you didn't get my free class on mastering presales get it here:

  2. It says ADRESS is invalid when I try to join telegram. Really want to join and love your stuff. How do I get in?

  3. This “presale” is totally not serious, normally we should have this token before launch, not after… I just hope it worth wait so make it have some sense?

  4. Moonpad chart looks healthy so far – Will watch and keep reporting for those who participated. A lot of us still waiting to get or Mpad tokens but Sat got hers! Congrats to Sat on her first presale experience today!
    "This was my very first presale experience. Mike guided us through it and within hours of launching on PancakeSwap, I sold half my tokens, recouped my initial investment, took a little profit… and STILL have half my tokens "in" that can still go up! And I got those free!" – Sat Kirtin Kaur

  5. According to my BSCscan address the BNB I sent during presale went to a different address than what’s now showing as the MPad address. Anyone else notice this?

  6. I purchased during the pre-sale and have still not received any tokens…holding out hope, but going to enjoy my day and see how this looks this evening. Price is under what we paid in pre-sale 🙁

  7. Good Analysis..I missed presale, just brought 100 dollar Moon Pad in Pancakeswap will see what will happen
    Great Design for 100x Discord Group??
    Eagerly waiting to join with you☺??

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