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Moonpad – Presale X1000 With The Best Ido Platform / For The Binance Smart Chain Network !!!

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  1. Hi Pablo i am deeply concerned about this project. One of the reason why I invested is because you are promoting this project…

    In their TG Channel which MoonpadBSC Community – the admins are banning for a question that is so logical / resonable to ask.. Like "Can we open the voice chat since we are approaching Hard Cap?" one of the admin straight our replied "No voice chat" I asked "why No Voice chat" then i got banned.

    I also asked " when is the token distribution gonna happen?" They answered back "It is in the pinned post or whitepaper and said after the Pancake swap listing" I read the pinned post and its not there.. Then afterwards i questioned "In a normal setup the tokens get released before the Pancake Swap Listing, is there any reason why are we going to that route?".. after a few seconds i got ban immediately..

    See, i invested 10 BNB (Max Allocation) in Private salle and i feel that i am obliged to ask these questions..

    I just feel that they are so unprofessional.. I think this is very unusual route to go listing after pancakeswap listing.. I hope i recceive the tokens i bought and able to trade on listing and i hope you will be able to get a hold of them and ask this questions yourself and share it in your channel.

    All the best Pablo!


  2. Folks, I am now confident that this project is a deception. Absolutely do not invest. I wrote in the Telegram group, can I only learn what is on the team. They immediately deleted the post and kicked it out of the group. If you don't believe it, you can try it too.

  3. Check out @t , new charity token to preserve the Bees! Pre sale starts Saturday, check their website!! x1000 GEM!!

  4. Everyone is pushing their new tokens. How many more will come out? Am out of money holding my own shitcoins.

  5. I'd believe that the wise thing to be on every individuals list now, is to invest in different streams of income that's not dependent on the government to generate money

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