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Moonpad – Public sale x1000

Moonpad Public Sale Price: 1BNB = 28800 MPAD Minimumn Contribution: 0.1 BNB Maximum Contribution: 30 BNB Softcap : 1500 BNB Hardcap …



  1. dude you should thoroughly check what project you are suggesting to people, moonpad is a soft rugpull project and thus have been confirmed

  2. Crypto Pablo – can you please reach out to Moonpad Team and ask what and why do they distribute token after pancakswap listing?? I got baned for asking a legitimate question since i invested 10 BNB on their private sale.

  3. Going to start trading and I bet this is the best video around here.. I like how you explain

  4. Brilliantly clearly delivered, I'm very intrigued to making a start in bitcoin now I've watched

  5. Looks like an ultra crap spam token. I bet all subscribers of moonpad are bought… I mean watch all those bot comments on their video -.-

  6. Hello, can you check Aloha DeFi project? Its not a meme coin, but a coin with good project build on polygon

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