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Moonswap is going Parabolic!! Best L2 DEX Period! Moonswap is showing that it is the best DEX out there. Incredibly clean UI and 0 fees… it is truly a yield farmers dream.



  1. Hey! grats on finding this project so early. just have a question. if i stake coins, such as the cMOON-cETH, does staking stop you from earning on when the coins value goes up? so basically freezes the assets at a certain amount and then gives you returns on that. or do you earn this on top of the money you'd generate as the price of either coin fluctuates? still trying to learn the fundamentals of staking here

  2. How come you respond to everyone in the comment section? I am starting to like you lol I’ll make sure my wife does like and subscribe so you can get some extra but if I don’t yet rich of ethbox I reversing this….

  3. My man. How the hell are you like the only person on youtube talking about this? Are we in that early or what?

  4. I came in when Moon was only .15 (i saw as low as .12 cents) not too long ago. Oh boy! What an astronomical rise!

  5. What’s up Moonswap community! Let’s pump this coin like you guys pump this channel. Like & share to get the hype train steam rolling!

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