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MoonSwap Yield Farming Fail to Launch

Warning, the main asset, Moon is decaying very rapidly. ATM I would not further participate in the 50/50 pool of Moon. ** This is week 1 and inflation rate is very …



  1. CryptoSlo, I hope you managed to un-stake before the dump. The Price is now below a dollar.

  2. Sorry for my poor english… I unstake my MOON-ETH COUPLE but i didn't understand how to split them ( moon token and my eth liquidity) I thought i'd find them in my Metamask wallet but it isn't. There are probably other steps to take. Can you help me? I have already lost more than half of my investments. Thanks so much.

  3. MoonSwap investors just shaken by first harsh tug of the rug! The next tug will likely completely remove all liquidity and RUG everyone totally into REKTVILLE

  4. and why is uniswap saying that i dont have liquidity added? is ist because it is locked in the farming protocol? and where are the ETH gone? 😀

  5. Jeez… you must have lost a lot. That token is now almost 0. Looks like a pump and dump project.

  6. Yea, after about 12 hours of mining, just not worth it. Market is removing liquidity, and price continues to decay. So I'm out. APY is high but primary asset is just losing to much ground. This is week 1 so inflation rate is very very high. Whales reking the platform. YFV 98/2 in my opinion still reigns the king with lowest risk.

  7. once again thanks for these kind of videos. love your content and the way you explain everything.

  8. I'm getting an alert when i go here that says "Ethereum Phishing Detection"… did you as well?

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