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MoonSwap Yield Farming. Hot DeFi project with insane gains

It have been my experience that these DeFi projects only product these amazing returns for a short while and that means this hot project could be cold in a few …



  1. It's like linux and windows nobody does linux. How do you use metamask and conflux for moonswap? I try to install conflux but 0

  2. now the token price is at $0.45, do you think is a good opportunity to farm now? or do you think that the price is going to fall even more?

  3. l bought moon token l dont farming my token l hold my wallet.l must do anythink when migration moon?

  4. No worries, I'll come back and check tomorrow morning like I do each morning… I think people want instant gains in like an hour, it doesn't work that way…

  5. We are at 100 hours now – past the critical 48 and 96 hour points, which everyone is terrified of due to smart contract liquidity lockup threshold periods and rug pulls. So, we are in the clear and I expect the price to double today to over $5… Hang in there, it is not for the faint of heart. I just put 3 more ETH and 340 MOON into liquidity, doubling down, insuring a little original capital I got in with at $4.78 and $5.50….. I'm in the the long haul…. It takes a long time to get to Mars, and I thought the Moon was just a hop, skip and a jump… turns out, it's a little farther than we thought! LOL Kindest and best regards all – HERO OR ZERO!! Here to the end. This ride has only just begun.

  6. DeFi is great for early starters… By the time peeps make videos it's already mostly too late.

  7. Hi Rads great video indeed, tried to farm some moon today, I want to ask if I unstake all in one week did my eth together with moon which added to liquidity will be returned to me?

  8. Hi. Just friendly kind suggestion. I am pretty sure a lot of people don’t comeback to your videos because the way you pronounce bitcoin. You need to learn how to say sound ( I )right. We love accents , i have it too, but there are alot of people who don’t.

  9. Not for the faint of heart, due to volatility, but I went in big and am in for the long haul… you just can't freak out with the swings in price, if you can deal with that, then it has potential to make massive, massive gains.

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