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More Pain Ahead – Why Bitcoin Keep Crashing – max Keiser

… Why Bitcoin Price Going Up. Why Bitcoin Will Make You Rich Faster Than Gold – Raoul Pal ,Robert Kiyosaki – Bitcoin News today.



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  2. Max. If u hate Elon then sell your stocks.
    Yes Elon is a strange guy but a genius. U dont have to agree with him. But a more adult response is wisely. Now u sound like a crying little boy

  3. Alon Musk complete idiot messing with that he has no knowledge of. Lets hope he ngets to Mars and stays there before he ndoes something really dangerous to BTC.

  4. Blockchain is more than Bitcoin . You guys believe just in Bitcoin. I don't give a F…k about Doge but Blockchain is more than Bitcoin.

  5. Enough with this correction bullshit…the apps know how much money we put in and how much Bitcoin is worth….I don't want to hear about this correction nonsense…sounds like a scam!! Only up from here!!!

  6. Please I need someone to help me trade or invest the forex or crypto market because I'm tired of trading in losses myself. I've blown my account twice and it's frustrating

  7. I recommended a professional broker to you guys sometime ago, can I get a person who invested with her
    Comment below
    Let's go

  8. There is a really cool individual, who can be googled as 'copy Walter Bulls". He made a fortune some years ago. Recently, such services have appeared that allow copying the results of expert players. This guy demonstrates how to copy him automatically using such services. We must try while the market is on the rise

  9. translation.."every time you buy a coin that i'm not invested in, you cost me profit"…….stop it!"

  10. You seem very angry, Musk had very little to do with the crash, China controls Bitcoin and can manipulate the market, along with George Soros and his corrupt Crüe.

  11. gasoline cars is decentralised. you dont rely on the grid, and liquid fuels have very high energy density. EVs are centralised controlled….. Dont bash Peter schiff, he may turn out right.

  12. This just goes once again to prove that Bitcoin is a speculative asset. It is not a stable store of value.
    Stack precious metals! They PROBABLY wont make you wealthy but they haven't died in thousands of years.

  13. if bitcoin was any kind of threat it would have been killed already……..the moment it becomes a threat; if it does"………then it will be killed in days……not weeks

  14. poor max………..still in denial about alt coins………….but thats only because he has all his eggs in the bitcoin market……king of the shill of his own investment……… surprises here

  15. Cutting myself off from the central banks is the only reason I decided to get into bitcoin. The central banks need to metaphorically die.

  16. Hold the bitcoin. The innovation is amazing for the future that everybody in the world can make his own money transfer.
    I think the monetary bank system shall always try to manipulate the crypto space with or without Elon.


  18. This whole BTC is king is boring, sure it's the best crypto to store value and lighting network is great, and it does one thing and it does it well, but other cryptos will do much better and solve various other problems, sure BTC will still have future but won't be the most valuable from my perspective..

  19. Elon Musk and all his egos need to watch this video to learn…. before his Tesla stock crashes

  20. Have you tried logging into coinbase recently? It's impossible. People are not able to go on and sell their Bitcoin. I find it interesting that the login is not working.. Max Kaiser loser. Ever since you got married you went downhill.

  21. Bitcoin is going down. You push the fraud. And now people going to lose money like it's nobody's business.

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