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Morning Mario #293 – "Captain Falcon's Pink Coin Run"

I love this concept! Keep up with the level or die trying! SUBMIT levels or ⭐️RATE levels: Watch more Morning Mario: …



  1. StephenPlays Morning Mario : EP 293
    Totals/This Episode
    Hits :1396/
    Deaths :0809/
    Resets : 23/
    Time Ups : 3/
    Levels Tried :293
    Levels Beaten:285
    Records Beaten as of EP.81 : 81/
    Auto-Levels : 2
    1 Input Level: 1
    Music Levels : 1
    Super Mario 1 :103
    Super Mario 3 : 42
    Mario World : 85
    New Mario Bro : 63
    Items gotten :
    Mushrooms :438/
    Flowers :250/
    Tanooki :033/
    Feather :067/
    Stars :203/
    Propeller mushroom : 23/
    Amiibos :402/2
    Giant Mushroom :12/
    Lanky Mushroom : 23/
    1-Ups mushrooms : 433/
    Score :15976330/ 60650
    Coins :00020358/ 269
    Goal 1-ups
    Mario 1 :57/
    Mario 3 : 6/
    SMW :16/
    New Maro:18/
    Sweaty Palms : 11/

  2. Great idea for a level. Its not unfair and not repetitive because of all the paths you take and the speed the level scrolls. I'd love to see a level like this for Sonic. If I unlock that costume at some point I might give it a shot.

  3. Hey man, you should make a video adressing the YouTube glitch where you lose subs because I think that it happened to me with your channel, I never unsubbed and wondered why I wasn't seeing anything in my sub feed and noticed I was no longer subscribed to you, I think this will help people being alert about it so that they don't lose you as a sub and you don't lose us a sub

  4. I'm going to make video essays, many of which will be about video games and I was wondering if I could use some of your footage, for example I want to make one explaining why Donkey Kong Country Returns should be considered a classic and it would be great if I could use some of the footage from your recent LP

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