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MulletCoinClub probably has the most positive community I've ever seen

I found a project you and your mother would love! The Mullet Coin. What is The Mullet coin? Watch the video to find out. I think this project is trustworthy and the …



  1. People are straight talking in this community, the fact it has more tg members than holders dont mean shit! Transparency is key and Brandon is as transparent as they come. Don't miss out on this hairy gem. # mulletarmy

  2. Hey bro from where u r? Wanna make own legit coin and maybe u wanna join our team? Rgds from Austria 🇦🇹

  3. Seriously you should review Sanshu Inu! It’s a great community and only 28 days old. They are coming out with Dog park which will allow staking of all types of meme coins

  4. I like this coin. Most of these fizzle out in a couple hours.. this one is still hanging on! Telegram group has over 5000 members now!

  5. The only thing they do is selling merch and talking about Marketing.Website is horrible.2 Wallets hold 8% (guess the dev).
    Not a project i would ape in…lets see where this goes but i have a feeling i already know…btw if they have more members in the tg than holders than its fishy

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