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NEW Blockchain Game Echoes of Empire Revealed! (Gala Games Play to Earn Crypto Space Strategy Game)

… Node, NFTs): – GALA Coin Will 10x (MASSIVE UPSIDE) – Best Gaming Crypto | Gala Games Token Price …



  1. hey, could you suggest me please the other nft games that don't have to pay at the start of the game?

  2. The FACT that GALA is going on the FLR Network is Absolutely HUGE! No place to go but UP and UP and UP!!!!

  3. like always very good video. what do you think about the price of gala coin? it's going down since a couple months

  4. close to 4 eth to buy a node. That is close to 12k usd. For anyone from latin america thats impossible to buy.

  5. It sounds like Echoes of Empire might get released before Star Atlas. I think Echoes of Empire will do well if it releases first. But weโ€™ll see what happens. Much more hype right now about Star Atlas, but it sounds like it is still years away. Looking forward to getting Echoes of Empire NFTs with my Gala Games Nodes.

  6. Guild of Guardians is about to have there first nft founder sale tomorrow you should check it out and make a video

  7. So much excitement for Gala! 10 games announced by the end of the year? Cool! Awesome! Jake, how many points are your Nodes pulling down per day? Waiting for pop in GALA, then Iโ€™ll be joining you as a Founder Node holder….using your referral code too! Thanks for doing what youโ€™re doing!

  8. Awesome Jake! Yeah this game looks sweet! An awesome genuine influencer pushing the space with this awesome content! Keep it up!

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