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New Chia Farming Pools Released!

chia #chiafarming #crypto The Chia network continues to grow in size as more and more people join the network in order to farm and earn rewards. As the …



  1. i've joined Hpool to see what its like, i haven't won any chia so i'll try it and replot everything on a new account when official pools are released… there is no personal info on my farming machine

  2. something no one is talking about is the insane inflation chia has there will be double the current supply in about 40 days. also how much are transaction fees to send 1 transaction?

  3. Hello,

    I have this problem on the Chia app, Yesterday I was plotting and I woke up earlier then I saw my that my SSD is full so I cancelled the plotting and close the App. And when I try to open

    The chia app again, it’s stuck in the “Connecting to wallet” So I uninstalled my Chia app, but copied the .chia file just to make sure. I installed it, open the app, put my 24 mnemonic words and

    To find out that I don’t have my XCH balance on my wallet anymore. What should I do? Do I need to put the plot again? Sync it first to get my balance back to my wallet? Please do help me.

    Thank you.

  4. For a solo farmer, when pools are released will there be a standard minimum plot amount to succeed? 100tb? 350tb? ect.

  5. +Tactical Investing Do you think that at this current point in time, it would be more practical to simply build the Chia rig and just join a waiting list for a Chia Farming Pool to open? Because as you said in your video, you'll have to start all back over plotting if you join a Chia Pool. I definitely think pooling in a team effort, is much better than going solo, unless you have tons of cash to spend on hard drives, etc. I believe there's a You Tuber called Caleb and his channel Coin Breakthrough, who may start a pool.

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