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Bitcoin [BTC] is holding for now – but in the larger vision, long term strategies win out. Find out what Carl from TheMoon has to share. Bitcoin is a digital crypto …




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  2. how is bitcoin a good „currency“? it’s a storage of value not a currency. i never ever would buy depreciating materialistic things with it, knowing that bitcoin the next day gains value.
    That’s one point where i’m not with u guys

  3. Blockchain analytics firm Glassnode is weighing in on the potential for a second Bitcoin panic sell-off following the flagship crypto asset’s 50% collapse from its all-time high of $64,802.
    In their weekly letter, Glassnode says that the amount of realized losses that occurred during the recent crash eclipsed all other capitulation events in Bitcoin’s history, including March 2020, Nov 2018, and the sell-off that concluded the last bull market in January and February 2018.

  4. On your other video you said we should not be buying on a bear market. Should we wait to buy at 20k or go in now?

  5. Lost 100k In a crypto scam and I took it as a positive experience. Definitely a learning experience but also made me realize to slow down in life.

  6. I turned $700 into $6000 just in one week with the aid and guidance of Brenda I have been receiving good signal's from global service thank you!.

  7. Guys, until you have fixed a profit or loss in the underlying asset, then you have received nothing and have not lost anything. And in general, if you accepted Bitcoin as an underlying asset, then it will no longer be valid to say that you have lost something, only the numbers in your wallet change, while the underlying asset itself remains.

  8. what happens when quantum computing can achieve the proof of work in nanoseconds? genuine question… because it would seem that is inevitable and then whoever owns that tech would be able to mine/transact exclusively forever?

  9. I recall when Davincij15 was an honest guy, back when he was still married to his ex. He used to talk about gold and silver etc, but that was 12 years ago…. nowadays he’s just a secretly depressed shill salesman….. Truth is the elite doesn't want anyone to be rich and independent…. that's why they want everyone to convert their real physical wealth into ⁣intangible Bitcoin. They will eventually outlaw Bitcoin and everyone who invested in it will have ZERO. I call it the transfer of wealth pandemic. I feel they want to replace it with a government backed cryprocurrency. Majority of the population will agree with that because it’s a dog eat dog world. There will be a new world order cryptocurrency and that's when the reset happens.

  10. SELL….sell…..Sell….sELL….SelL….SeLl….seLL….SEll….SeLL….SELLLLLLLLL…..we are heading under 30K today

  11. "Bitcoin cannot be stopped."
    Sure it can, with almost 90% of mining capacity concentrated in a hand full of mining farms in China, it's VERY easy to sabotage the network. The recent pipeline hack illustrated this painfully.
    You need ASIC resistance to make this work.
    Sincerely Monero

  12. You know you're completely disconnected from reality and have become a complete maximalist when you can say with a steel face "Bitcoin is also fungible, meaning that one bitcoin is the same as the other."
    LACK of fungibility is one of the core problems with Bitcoin
    Even though it is touted as one of the most important features of the protocol, it does not stick, at all.
    Monero is an infinitely better Bitcoin than Bitcoin itself.

  13. Be careful with your own business though. It's more blood, sweat, tears and time than most expect.
    More than half of all new businesses go bankrupt within the first year.
    People are often jealous of successful business people, but they don't see the work that went into it.

  14. lol…BTC is wood when compared to other block chain…slow as fck.. dominantly owned by chinese miners…centralized…

  15. That conversation is perfect for Chinese government who owns 75% of bitcoin mining, do you think all governments are will watching to see it how their money going to the Chinese banks, guys I suggest you have half of your assets on real estate, big tax will coming on crypto currencies

  16. Mope and dope and we got no hope. These clowns have no clue…waste of time watching these 2 buffoons

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