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Peaky Blinders – Coin Toss English Subtitles HD

One of the best moments in one of the best tv shows. Season 4 Episode 2.



  1. He pretty much won at the moment he offered the coin toss. Mr. Gold could've won the whole place but at the cost of dignity, pretty much saying he doesn't care about his daughter. Unoyal to Family and a bad father.
    But if Tommy won, well… he bang the daughter.
    Fucking love this show mate

  2. Wouldn't have happened in real life as Tommy is in the backfoot here. He wanted Aberama Gold's help. Aberama could've easily plot to betray him here. Aberama had no reason to stay besides money and influence Tommy could give his young boy. Could claim the money off Italians since money is money whomever it came from. The smart idea was to give the land until the war is over then retake it since the deal was just words(or even if it's written, with the Italians dead. None could question the Peaky Fooking Blinders rule. Aberama couldn't hold it since Birmingham is Tommy's kingdom.)

  3. I just heard Jesse pinkman come outta nowhere and yell "Hell yeah, coin toss is sacred, BITCH"

  4. The way he conveyed the message this yard is important to charlie just like how his daughter is to abby is just sheer badass
    . Thomas is the king of kings💪💪💪

  5. I was really hoping for Tommy to win the toss so that we could get to see another sex scene 😉

  6. The message Thomas wanted to deliver is the yard is so important to us like your daughter is important to you

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