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Perth Mint’s Gold Backed Cryptocurrency?

[email protected] Let’s talk about the Perth Mint’s new gold backed cryptocurrency. What do you think about it …



  1. I just bought PMGT on kucoin and got scammed. PMGT was pumped and then it was delisted on kucoin. Now alot of people lost money. Do not be scammed guys. I have requested for a refund from kucoin

  2. Gold pass works really well. 100% backed by gold or silver depending on what your are trading. No storage charge and redeemable at any time. It allows 24/7 trading so you can take advantage of the big dips. You can convert to PMGT (their gold backed token at any time). Great product.

  3. how to buy from a company that is responsible for laundering money to tax havens
    for @t

    If that doesn't bother you, perhaps the child labour allegations and use of mercury may concern you

    Or maybe the huge probe Operation Atlantis set up after the Panama Papers leak.

    Make sure to keep supporting that mint!

  4. I have a Gold Pass and it means that you can but and sell at spot without paying storage costs. When you buy on GoldPass you hav3 to pay for the certificate but you buy at spot.

  5. Are you talking about GoldPass? You purchase gold and are issued with a certificate. The gold can be transferred to another GoldPass.

  6. Digital is the future because it's has more utility than holding the psychical. I want to know how that blockchain mints new tokens either way it seems highly centralized from the Perth mint. Bitcoin is still much better than this new gold token.

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