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Polygon Matic defi: get paid to borrow using AAVE

In this video we will cover the following topics:
– 00:00 Intro
– 00:27 How to connect to Polygon MATIC
– 01:22 Get paid MATIC coins to borrow on AAVE
– 03:38 Start farming: CURVE
– 04:11 Iron Finance: over 500% APR
– 05:16 Qi Dao: 100% APR
– 06:38 Conclusion & risks

A sideways moving market sucks because you don’t know if it’ll eventually go back up or if we are really going to enter a bear market. Thankfully there are a few ways that you can play it (relatively) safe by farming with stable coins and capitalizing on high yield reward programs on new networks like Polygon.

This summer in particular is looking very interesting for farmers as several new networks are getting ready to roll out their first defi projects and will try to win over users with juicy returns.

Interesting tools & links:
– Polygon bridge:
– Polygon/Matic docs (how to configure metamask):
– Aave:
– Curve finance:

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Let’s get on that crypto train!


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