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Pulsechain crypto airdrop will be the BIGGEST in history (This will make millionaires)

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Pulsechain crypto airdrop will be the biggest in crypto history. Pulsechain is run by Richard Heart (who also created HEX crypto coin) and will be an alternative to Ethereum. Users will be able to do everything they can on Ethereum, but at lightning speeds and at exceptional low cost. It’s got so much buzz that over $1bn has been sacrificed to be part of the Pulsechain airdrop. Think about that. Multiple people have paid over 1 ETH just so they can be dropped the coin. Richard Heart, who is a crypto genius, has already built the HEX crypto coin to a $22bn market cap and there’s immense expectation Pulsechain will smash many records in the process. Watch now as I talk over in full everything related to the Pulsechain crypto airdrop.

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I am not a financial advisor and the information provided is simply my opinions. Remember to speak to a financial advisor before making any significant investments.

TLDR – Richard Heart – the man who has grown the HEX crypto coin to a $22bn market cap will launch the Pulsechain crypto airdrop.



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