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PulseChain Explained "Largest Airdrop in Crypto History" (Richard Heart, Hex & $PLS) $200 Mil Raised

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Today we discuss PulseChain – everything happening with the “Largest Airdrop in History” I also share some of my thoughts around Richard Heart, Hex & the $PLS token. Additionally recognizing the $200 Million Raised so far in the sacrifice phase for Pulse Chain.

What questions do you have around this PulseChain Airdrop?
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Links & Timestamps from the show:
-Pulse Chain on Etherscan:
-Pulse Chain Official Site:
-Twitter @pulsechaincom:
-Sens Foundation Airdrop Article:
-HEX Chart:

0:00 Intro
0:07 Thoughts about Richard Heart & Hex
1:21 PulseChain Sacrifice Mechanism, $200 Million Raised Already
6:41 PulseChain Use Case: Improving Ethereum
10:05 Disclaimer: Sacrifice Points Don’t have Monetary Value
13:24 Staying up to Date with PulseChain
13:41 Closing Thoughts

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