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Queen Elizabeth II – Royal Crowns Collection – Diamond Jubilee – Brilliant UNC – Coin World UK

Here is one of my favourite sets. 2012 Ascension Island -Diamond Jubilee The Royal Family order – One Crown 2012 Guernsey – Diamond Jubilee – QE II …



  1. Stunning coins and display case. Definitely an Amazing addition to your collection. Thanks for letting us see it. New sub here

  2. Wow, absolutely stunning collection Dale, fabulous. Just love this collection. So fascinating to see the different designs as well as crowns. Very nice! Thanks for sharing. 😊

  3. Cool collection ! Sometimes there are so much commemorative sets. Every month I always get a few email for the Royal Dutch Mint that they have another new set 😂 Can imagine you have the same with the Royal Mint 😉 Have a pleasant weekend Mister Dale !

  4. Brilliant video today Dale, Thank you for sharing this collection with us. Happy Saturday my friend! Keep spinning and winning….

  5. The crowns and tiaras are depicted perfectly with beautiful details. I absolutely love the Diamond Jubilee coin with the delicate Tudor rose and the shamrock gracing the outer edge of the coin. The whole set is lovely, Coin World UK.😻💖👍

  6. my friend you are just on another level when it comes to precious metals i alwale see something some very cool piece that i have never seen before thank you for sharing such beautiful coin great video

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