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Real Talk: Pundi X $NPXS. The Good AND The Bad. No Shilling, No FUD! (Pundi X Review)

Pundi X (NPXS) is aiming to build a offline cryptocurrency sales network by utilizing their Point-of-Sale devices (XPOS). You’ll be able to buy crypto from these …



  1. BFB Fam! Do yall like Pundi X or no? Also what coin do you want me to do a Real Talk episode on??

  2. I am NPXS fan right now. It has increased 20X in the Market Cap in three months. And the price too. I am holding and waiting

  3. Pundi x labs closed the comment section, and they don't even let you ask questions in n their AMA. What a bunch of scammers they don't even have the balls to answer our questions.

  4. So what's your total opinion on this coin? As of now the price of this coin is unstable., when was this coin jump on or iean will go up?

  5. The phones are for more transaction speed(huge network).
    The also use the phone connections to send your paiying transactions.
    How bigger the network is how faster the network is.

    With the fastest network the will be on top.
    Even above Visa!

  6. Do what Ripple did, have someone from the pundi x team start their own blockchain phone company and use the fx coin to power it. That way Zac and the rest of the Pundi x team can concentrate on the Pos adoption.

  7. Looks like PUNDI X LABS (NPXS) is finally coming out of its hole. Excited – (NPXS) .09 TO .16 CENTS

  8. Personally I believe this coin will definitely reach a dollar. Remember bitcoin was $0.05 in 2011 and nobody thaught it would reach $1.

    Bought 47267 coins for $20. Canโ€™t go wrong there ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Pundi x seem to have a great marketing strategy, already they have distributed thousands of POS machine throughout Asia and have many thousand more orders. Obviously Pundi x is taking Asia by storm and have a plan which will take a couple of years to target the European and American markets. The future looks good so hodl these coins.

  10. you wouldn't buy pundix in a bear market?… when its cheap?…. lol what are you going to do? wait until its expensive?

  11. a lot of companies doesnt burn un swap token. binance has in dept review of this token. go to telegram group and ask. listen to this guys adn dont invest are really bad. this guy is just uninform. again appreciate this guys since he at least talk about the cons. but u need to do more research. i mean u- the creator. of course, the audience too

  12. PUNDI X
    Can you do a update video on the coin PUNDI X and let the community know about this coin give us a price prediction, what's the future of this. Thank you

  13. Bullish! Have you noticed on the coinbase app on assets not listed they have NPXS on there, out of 1000's of cryptos, you got to ask yourself why pundi x is on there, maybe to be listed on coinbase one day soon

  14. with a blockchain based phone though communication can't be stopped b/c of the way blockchain works..also messages/emails (data) could be more secure as each user could hold their own private key

  15. There is a better coin called graft, do a video on that one, it's doing some fantastic work, when i hit a big exchange it's game over

  16. It seems your perspective about the new Xphone (and the NPXSXEM) may be a little shortsighted. Have you considered that maybe the new Xphone and the NPXSXEM are actually right in-line with the PundiX objectives? Have you considered that these projects may not be just off-shoot projects that divide the company's focus, but instead are like spokes of a wheel that actually strengthen the NPXS token (which is like the hub at the center)? Pundi X is NOT about building a network of XPOS devices, but all about being the merchant SERVICE PROVIDER. So for example, the NPXSXEM project was produced as a separate project to provide the Pundi X merchant services over a mosaic token network (the NPXS token is erc-20). Which enables them to reach more customers with their core business of . . . merchant services. So considering ALL of the Pundi X revenue fees from the NPXSXEM services are paid and tokens burned in NPXS ONLY, is it really a con to NPXS? Likewise, considering each new Xphone will function as a node (just like the XPOS functions as a node) what do you think the core objective of developing the new Xphone might be? A branching off into the cell phone industry, and/or the encrypted cell phone services arena? OR could it actually be more about the broader adaptation and availability of PundiX services over a decentralized and fully encrypted mobile device? I hope you (or anyone interested that reads this) find the above feedback to be useful. But remind everyone to do your own research. Go to the various official Pundi X communication sources and read through the announcements, explanations, discussions, etc. There certainly is much to be excited about in the future of Pundi X and the NPXS token.

  17. Well for me, its an advantage if their product will only burn NPXS token and use it as a transaction fee in retail stores, whether you buy with btc, ltc, eth. This way, it will keep on increasing its value and lowering its max total supply. It should not be on disadvantage.

  18. Hi, Kevin. Your channel has grown so fast, congrats. If you haven't done one already, could you discuss selfkey? Thanks

  19. If youโ€™re not hodling some of this coin get ready to miss out. โ€œWe donโ€™t need blockchain for our phone serviceโ€ we need it so bad for our phone service! In these days of privacy and censorship issues I would welcome a phone that runs off of a decentralized blockchain. If Pundi Xโ€™s phone doubles as a secure wallet that holds a small amount of my coins I can spend for day to day items or even small businesses transactions, then it becomes the Point of Sale terminal. I just hope Pundi X stays true to making buying crypto as easy as buying a bottle of water.

  20. How many coins are there with a working product not promises do you see out there with the focus on mass adoption
    Only a few, also you may be ok with using a phone where there is no privacy but a lot of us don't
    So having a block chain phone that gives you that privacy I'm all in
    The POS system puts money on the pocket of the retailers that use it, and Visa or MasterCard charge them fees for every single transaction that they do, it's like money machine for them and for the token holders you get 7% every month till January, then 2.5% the following year, back for the token that you have
    There's much more about this positive about this coin
    And idiots like you teach the wrong side of crypto to beginners
    Shame on you bro!!!
    Try harder the next time you do a review or talk about a coin that you don't know or are not into

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