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Restarting – Crash Landing Livestream from Twitch

You’ve managed to crash land on a dry, dusty planet. No water, no food, no real supplies. The first challenge, to survive the blazing heat where every drop of …



  1. This is SUPER late BUT the dust mounds have ore dust in them! Found out when helping my bro on crash landing. Nice way to get started early.

  2. @PurpleMentat  Awesome stream,  I just found you today by looking through the channels of FunshineX , since you mentioned him in your stream, I will too. Awesome first two days. I have been watching the series and taking notes and your strategy was pretty much what I took away from watching alot of others.  

    Out of curiosity, what time zone are you in, you mentioned being on 8am to 11am , and I would like to catch a stream or two. 

  3. It may not seem like much since you are already at episode 6 in the series, but you can salvage both of the engines to make the interior of your initial base fairly large.

    South side by 1.
    West and East sides each by 5
    Cockpit area up by 1, but 1 less on the east and west sides.
    raise the roof by 1.

    With proper positioning of your inverted road lights you can prevent mobs from spawning, except for 4 spaces which your initial starting equipment can be placed upon, on the floor area as well as the roof. This assumes you are ever far enough away for those tiny spaces to even matter.

    On a different note, I do not understand why practically every video I am watching people are wasting all that initial fuel to cook water that could be used to make torches so that mobs only spawn in your trenches. Sure, you get that full bucket of water, but in the process you are losing dirt that could be used to make your farm larger or for sieving to get grass seeds.

  4. May I ask why you don't like redstone on your shovel? I toss my non-redstone-first shovels in the trash can..

  5. Have to say, the person who requested a translation was speaking in his own tongue, so why would he need that translated? It wasn't English and he said he wasn't either, didn't make sense. And he typed English very well. Gotta love those livestream trolls.

  6. Free advice coming so take it for what it's worth…  I like to watch youtube and/or twitch streams while playing minecraft so it would helpful if you could incorporate the question from the comments with your answers, then it would be easier for those of us not paying complete attention to follow along.  Plus anyone watching on a mobile device can't read the chat even if they wanted to.

  7. You should do some blood alchemy and get farm animals for food and get bees for anything else obscure you can make cows by putting leather I a blood altar sheep are wool chickens are feathers you can also make all of these things out of mobs drops with the alchemical lab

  8. Hey mentat, your voice kept cutting in and out, dunno what was wrong, might been intended, just wanted to let you know

  9. Hy @PurpleMentat i know what modpack you gonna like as far a know you by your vids the modpack is the direwolf 20 pack igsgonna be a different expierence because its not like agrarian sky's en crash landing i dont want to force you to play it and upload it but see it as revommand viw for me and mayby for other guys too

  10. i just realized that road didn't spawned in my world.. i have to restart from the beginning..   but how to make it work.. i can't understand the problem and i have no remembering off any road spawning since i updated… :/

  11. The first few times I played, creepers kept falling in the pyrotheum and explode for some reason, and before I knew it I was on fire, getting my ass whooped by the gang of mobs waiting for me outside :/

  12. Glad to finally see the video of the stream (Twitch never did behave for me in the end). Looks like a good start so far!

  13. I really like this layout for your video. Longer. It's awesome, even if there isn't constant commentary.

  14. Giant zombies defiantly still happen, tho I don't think they throw other mobs at you any more. I highly recommend that you disable the spawn of vampire pigmen in the special mobs config before you go to a city. Also you should set the mobgriefing rule in the special mobs config file to false because they to not respect the vanilla mobGriefing rule.

  15. I had a pretty good worl til the update then, kind of rage quit…. still alive but the update just changed too much

  16. Thanks for uploading these to YouTube. I don't go on twitch much, and I just use the "my subscriptions" page on YouTube, so I miss stuff like this unless it's mentioned in a later video.

  17. Maybe it is just me but the permanent switch between muted microphone with total silence and you talking with a low permanent noise is incredible annoying. It would be much better not to mute the mic between talking. 🙂

    // Edit: Sorry, I would like to watch it but this really drives me up the wall. :-/

  18. 36:05 Actually, the biggest MC youtuber is SkyDoesMinecraft. He's also in the top 3 gaming youtubers in terms of subscribers lol

  19. Well… u followed my way of starting up until second tree. I have expected u will find this by yourself, so kept quiet, also I wanted to see your next original way.
    So, the tip: you need to grow only one tree to make all the Tinker's worktables. You will be short a little on sticks to make one pattern and shovel itself, and this is a trick: put your first 5-6 saplings into transposer to get sticks as side product XD This way u will still have enough bonemeal to repair shovel one time completely and finish wall until first night.

  20. im glad u posted this here i was busy with work and missed the stream nice to get to see it now 🙂

  21. I love the series, and hope it doesn't end anytime soon…

    Also, a slightly random game suggestion! Pokemon Zeta and Omnicron. They are free, community-made games, with a lot of throwbacks. You don't seem to be the "pokemon type", and you have never mentioned playing it, but I think your commenting style would suit it well. It's just an idea! 🙂

  22. while exploring the beta I did find a chest in one of the biggest dunes – it was right in the centre under 1 block, I checked other dunes but nothing there.
    chests in cities are very random and are going to be adjusted soon. much talk of them being OP.
    The city underground stations have mazes, look under the walls in the mazes for chests and get some mossy too.

  23. Wait, hold on…
    I'm completely confused and angry at the same time, when I asked the chat on twitch is he restarting his series on youtube people said no he's just restarting his stream play, but now purple said that he's restarting his series, like in youtube…
    Can someone (preferably PM) explain to me everything from 0, cuz for some reason I'm retarded.

  24. 16:07 Aha i love how you raise your swo…  crescent hammer !

    fear is horrible in this pack.. a simple spider killed me yesterday after 25 days just because i panicked and preferred to run instead of killing it with my mattock. 

  25. Nice video, (not because i'm in, huh)
    I highly recommend to come on twitch, Purple lives are good places to be ! awesome people (it's in the rules ^^) and sharing with PM or eventually, some other streamers or even 1skandar, the creator of the mod. Purple is nice if you respect the rules,he respond to almost every pertinent questions. In fact, i can't understand HOW he can actually play necrodancer AND read/answer the chat in the same time ! but, hey, he's a mentat after all. See you there folks !

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