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  1. Wait, XRP for 8,5 USD? That would make it much bigger than ETH in a market cap. 27 USD? it would beat BTC buy a lot. Are my calculations wrong? If not, then I find those predictions unrealistic.

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  3. so XRP at 13usd would be around a marketcap of 600B is it possible? that would be neck to neck to ETH?

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  5. If you have a long opened and caught it right at the breakout out. Would you target $1.76 or hold out for $2.64? It may take some time and a lot of retesting for $1.76?

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  7. We should be careful on money disposal , if you're not spending to earn or get back money, then stop spending.

  8. 27$ would mean over 1100.000M capitalization, BTC is at 700.000M right now, maybe too optimistic? even those 13$ this year seem hard to believe imho

  9. Out of the box comment : you sound like John Digweed…… & yes bless XRP Fingers Crossed _/_

  10. You're the 1st guy whose right on XRP bless the Brits (apart from global manslaughter of 1000years) 🙏🇮🇳❤️

  11. Exactly as you said, broke down to the target mentioned. Not what we want but a great analysis 💪👏👏👏

  12. I want to invest into either XRP or ADA. Honest opinions please, which do you believe has a brighter future?

  13. I always know its your channel because you say Boom off to the beach and i remember that more then anything haha

  14. CK, I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoy watching your technical analysis everyday. I come home from work and load up your videos (always hitting the like button) and use your price predictions as an alert for my tokens. Could you please add ETH and COTI to your daily rotation? Also, making a quick 5 min video is all we need unless something critical is going on. Thanks again for sharing your expertise – it's SUPERB! 👍

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