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  2. Take a look at Metals Exploration, price is 2.5p. (Epic code LSE:MTL). The market capital is 51.8m and they now make over 15m profit every quarter. They own gold mines, and also have plans to expand.

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  5. can you please do ethereum and cardano… xrp. what more /// Eos. the rest small money I got+. maby you sot do a couple of stocks to. 2 3 4 power on them… plus serious you ar the only one in her pips want to mizzen to. not all Dif kind of strange noises and what ever.. keep it gangster

  6. The Kid strikes again, down to 87 cents as risistance was not broken and a bearish cross starting to form on the 1h. Iv learnt alot from you over the past few months and taken alot more time with opening positions with more accuracy. Priceless knowledge here, thanks coins kid.

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  8. Investing in crypto is still and will be the only big chance of making money without stress.

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  10. Out of all of the YouTubers putting out xrp content I believe you have the best content for technical analysis I love it I learned a lot I'm excited about learning more from you specially about reading and applying charts thank you so much for what you do

  11. If the market makers (composite man) also watch these videos wont they change their behavior and do something different. Everyone is expecting a Wycoff accumulation phase right now. Seems to me that they will do something different that people do not expect.

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