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  3. With the current increase in the market I see Cryptocurrency as ultimately becoming a reserve currency for banks, playing much the same role as gold did in the early days of banking. Banks could issue digital cash with greater anonymity and lighter weight, more efficient transactions

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  11. "I want to see it do something" ? Wow these crypto predictions are getting funnier by the hour. Yet another click bait post with someone that has nothing to offer.

  12. This video is amazing, I invested on Bitcoin when the price was low just like now,
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  13. Is it possible to get the screen a little clearer? It's quite blurry and a little difficult to read the figures. Cheers.

  14. Did XRP get too far ahead of itself, or, did Bitcoin pull it down? Probably both. A pull back was inevitable, but, It is likely that it dropped below the .618 (golden ratio) because Btc was dumping. Takes a while now before XRP movements can be detached from Btc – hence the TA surely has greater limitations?

  15. There are talks on tradingview about a further D and E. What are your thoughts on the likelihood of this and what is the trigger for this to happen?

  16. I have to say I did have some bids at the 72c mark as you have been saying for weeks but after the first crash last week it was around $1.15 I changed those bids to $1 as I didnt want to miss out on the sales. Then the second crash obviously took it to your target. Next time I'll be sticking to your word legend. Thanks

  17. so long as Jed and Chris keep dumping, we are not going anywhere, regardless of what these charts say

  18. Please just let us know that you will be here when the bear market hits… please just replying with a yes would give me so much internal peace lol..

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  20. Legend says that his charts are the charts of the Gods. Anything he put there, the market follows. Such power

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