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  1. another great video, i look forward to seeing the daily videos. im in for the long haul on this, got a good initial gut feeling and seems to be going the way we all want it to go.

  2. Great analysis and should xrp get to that 1.21 and then retace will form a major h&s pattern

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  4. 27$? How do you get to such a high number? Wouldnt you go all in on XRP then? Thats the highest growth rate I could imagine in any coin.


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  8. This channel has been blowing up! Glad to see other people wanting to grow their generational wealth!

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  10. Everyone will be panicking. But coins kid will be calm and say we are looking good looking good.. its all healthy 😀

  11. I gotta say, your predictions have been pretty accurate, I will pay alot more attention to your videos.

  12. Can you explain why we are still expecting the C wave to come down further on the ABC correction?

    I assume that back testing resistance down to 65 cents which covered the 3 year resistance then support back test was not a deep enough correction beyond the 75 cents.
    Is it because the weekly candle has not closed yet and we still have 4 days left to run so this could end up being red if we roll and you see this as a continuation of C?

    Thank you for the updates 🙂

    Maybe you could explain this in your next update.

  13. Great as always! Unfortunately, I can't share on Twitter for another 9 hours due to a comment that didn't constitute a low grade ban.

  14. Why do you talk so fast my friend, I watch you everyday, but could hardly follow it now, eveything okay? Hope everything is fine!! Have a nice day

  15. Worst price prediction w.r.t w
    XRP this is not for ur channel in general for all channels.. ur prediction analysis I liked it

  16. I recommended a professional broker to you guys sometime ago, can I get who invest with him
    Comment below
    Let's gooooo..

  17. Can you please reference the actual price attached to the fib level? The price scale on the right is too small to read, so when you say it has to break a certain fib level, I can't see the correlating price. Thanks.

  18. Great TA CoinsKid 23k odd to match BCbacker
    great British content 😁😍🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

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