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RMRK crypto retreats after 5-day rally. What’s the NFT coin’s utility ?

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*Kanaria is a metaverse, and the project has been under development for the last six months. It is not complete yet, but it’s nearing completion.
*Kanaria’s metaverse may not be launched before Q4 of 2022, but when it’s up – it plans to facilitate establishing NFT legos, representing personalities, skills, brains, resources, and construction. 
*RMRK is a proof of concept simple-NFT protocol on the Kusuma blockchain.
*It is a part of a broader NFT strategy of Kusuma to write custom notes in a structured and standardized way onto the chain.
*RMRK has a market capitalization of US$264 million, and reached its all-time high of US$66 on the 3rd of December, and an all-time low of US$3.50 on September 28th, according to

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