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Safemoon Call Out Binance CEO! New Info & BIG News! (Price Prediction)

Safemoon Call Out Binance CEO! New Info & BIG News! (Price Prediction) Crypto Telegram Link: The telegram group chats offer …



  1. First they laugh at you , then they fight you and then you win and they will join the safemoonarmy!

  2. 🙁 .. safemoon will be destroy by its own community .. if they dont start building the innovative part… It can never be listed in exchanger.. as its a token .. community driven under a liquidty pool .. by the community .

  3. As a business decision not listing Safemoon is to be expected. Who will help their biggest future competitor. That would just be foolish.

  4. Crypto goes down, safemoon goes down with it. Crypto goes up, safemoon stays down apparently.
    If the price does not move forward, I think holders will get tired of it.

  5. I enjoyed your video, i am actually tired of worrying about stock and stuff…. It's driving me nuts these days I think crypto investment is far better than stocks

  6. is your guys ever heard of QUICK MINING aka "QM" coin? We can buy the coin at "BITMART" Exchange, the price is Very cheap right now 👍 , to the MOON Soon 🌋🌋🌋

  7. Hi everyone I'm new to crypto trade and have been making huge losses but I recently see a lot of people earning from it. Can someone please tell me what I'm wrong

  8. will point out that βͲc is way too volatile to be a store of value. That’s a short-term view of the concept, however. Over the next week, month, perhaps even year, βͲc pr!ce may fall relative to fiat currcncies. Lonnger term, however, in an environment of money supply increasing much faster than demand, a fixed-supply bearrer asset such as βͲc is likely to apprieciate in value relative to assets without a supply, I wept deeply and prayed after the last time i had much L0SS, my Uncle introduced me to an Expt. Daniel who I started tradln with since late last year,I've covered up and made over 21 B T С with 5 B T C even with the ups and downs since the journey. With Daniel's counsel I no longer have to worry about the rise and dip ofBitcoin. For prof!table tradlng guidiance, You can easily get to him :TєIєɠram @jorgeken6'' ,,

  9. I hope John and the devs just use the slight from Binance as fuel to produce the Safemoon wallet earlier than December !

  10. Man I just get more invested in this everyday..I admit it at first I just wanted big money..Now I don't wanna sell because I like being involved in it..This is a token but I look at it as a stock..These guys are very smart..They are building a business through a coin..And they are so transparent..And to boot with a guy with Haines as his last name..Thats a man's man last name lol..I love these guys. I LOVE BEING ON THIS JOURNEY..#TOTHEMOON

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