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SafeMoon | This Tells Us EVERYTHING!!!! | SafeMoon Family | Crypto to Grow Together | Inspirational

SafeMoon said what every company should be saying in the crypto universe. This tells us everything we need to know about who is really behind safemoon and …



  1. I enjoyed your video, i am actually tired of worrying about stock and stuff…. It's driving me nuts these days I think crypto investment is far better than stocks

  2. Hey man, I just found a new coin called “Not Safemoon”, interested in your thoughts on it? I don’t think I’m going to hold long term but maybe something to make a little money

  3. I'm starting to love the safemoon community. Safemoon to the moon 👍🚀 just bought some more safemoon 👍❤🙏

  4. I agree with you but I’m sure part of it is because of the wallet and the new exchange. I mean they want these coins on there team. Would you agree?

  5. PAPPMOBILE in pancakeswap .. maybe you can look the pappmobile website and you can see whitepaper… What do you thing. This is good performance Last days… Looking please… This is realy good performance New ath.

  6. There's a safemoon game talked with the developer on ragnarsons livetwitch he will get it to me tommorrow

  7. please look the PAPPMOBILE . this is New. add list coingecko today… good performance… what do you thing. graphic is good Last 30 days in pancakeswap.

  8. I thought that was an awesome post by Safemoon also. All the coins are great in their own way. Safemoon is just a slight bit better. Lol

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