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Seed Of Life – New community charity crypto Seed Of Life. For the people by the people

Above all else, The Seed Of Life is a support network, community, and charity. For the people, by the people. We started this project in the hope that we can …



  1. Guys this man deleted his shill video on LAIKA. Guess what happened. Devs rugpulled it.

    Also almost every recent video he has is just a pump and dump. Do not buy in as soon as he posts video. Wait 5 days it crab then dump so hard

  2. I actually think sensible finance is the best to get into right now, because its early and they are offering stakings and the team and community is amazing, no need to worry about scams or rug pulls, Sensi to the moon🚀🚀 join the telegram, search it up for yourself💯

  3. Man i dont trust devs at all, but with this project I do. right from the start they have been 100% transparent about everything!
    love the positive vibe they are bringing to the world. keep up the good work SEED OF LIFE.
    No financial advise, always DYOR!
    Edit: grammar

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