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Selling The Bulk Of My Perth Mint Proof Coin's



  1. YouTube has 'unsubscribed' me from your channel twice now, I keep having to search 'shadow stack' to get your videos really annoying!

  2. Wow that's a lot of Lunar and Koala proofs, looks like you bought half a dealer's inventory lol

  3. wow, big purchase, imo the market for these modern coins is so slim that is could never absorb that many lunar hose coins at any price other than a few dollars over spot.  the few modern coins I own ( perth mint snake, dragon & kookaburra) are so spotted up that I cant see anyone buying them)  I bought the first queens beast coin that was minted only a year ago and it is even worst that the perth mint coins.  good luck anyway, I would try and unload those quick to a dealer, it will take you 10 years to sell individually

  4. impressive volume!! recently got a few proof high relief kangaroos to flip and thought it would be quick but its not. oh well i am patient. congrats on the profit!

  5. Love your channel. I've been following you for about a month. Good stuff man! Can't wait to see what you traded for.

  6. they have a very beautiful. Design in fact I love almost all of the silver you pick up. You really do have great taste in coins my friend.

  7. Bad ass bro glad dealer willing to take them how much will apmex or anyone else buy pack price ?

  8. holy cow lol dude that's a lot of proofs. very cool stuff. glad you made some profit at least. that's the way it goes. you win some and you break even on some. thanks for sharing. I was never into kilo coins personally I think they are just too big and not a lot of people like them or can afford them. either way good job.

  9. Great video! Nice visual representation of how to stack and flip. You have one of the best silver stacking channels in this community my friend. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Wouldn't stacking gold be more easier for you. I don't buy any Perth stuff anymore , overpriced and not much appreciation involved in the new issues they flood the market with.
    Do you stack Libertads?

  11. nice your video's always get me thinking about possibilities and nothing wrong with bulk buying all about margins over and over day after day and sometimes you gotta make a call only you can make but it comes down to time and how long you can wait or should you wait till you unload or see a return. guess if other opportunities arise and are better or a new direction and that prior investment is stopping you then what ever buisness you in smart move is to act.. uk lunar horses did well once they all dried up but for a time i was buying them cheap you just never really know. till it does well. these may do well as time goes on but flipping that anount over and gotta make more money than sitting on them. what is the sweet selling spot semi numismatically speaking think maybe 4 to 5 years and thats part of my strategy. many years ago i was went big on teenage mutant ninja turlles figures boy did i kill it. had a market stall back then. but slowly i saw sales where dropping and so where prices as they become so popular everyplace was selling them and cheap too. thats what happens when market gets saturated and i bailed and moved on to something else i identified. sometimes you can test the water sometimes you gotta take the lot or none all down to price. so well done dude profit is profit i wanna see how well the gold Rwanda proofs do in same time percentage wise as thats what i only really look at when it comes to selling as you said you made a tenner each but I'd like to know the % you made. as i think 20% is a healthy mark up if bulk buying for an instant flip but Pm's are different coz your average joe you cannot sell them to. i think you need to consider ebay or other ways to sell as well maybe a bullion dealer. shhh thats my idea but its along way off. gotta have a plan to expand maybe not even in metals maybe soon in cars my son is starting college Sept on auto technician course guess it was pinp my ride first inspired him. so i may help him pimp a car or fix a few then flip them in near future or even classic cars of the future so many possibiliies just need a kick up the backside. hey i think i just got my mojo back.

  12. Wow. I can't belive the amount you have. Every video you do is immense. Somewhere in the world there is a silver mine with 100+ people digging 24hours a day just for you.

  13. Brave buys unless you got them at an amazing price. Anything Silver these days is brave as an investment can be halved if they spot. Looking forward to seeing what you traded for. I cant help thinking gold is generally more straightforward but even here we are at exchange rate levels that are dangerous for bullion buys.

  14. A lesson to be learnt in buying so many of the same coin, difficult to unload, at least its done now. As an idea, maybe you could offer some on your channel for sale if the same problem occurs. I'm now looking for the Mouse 2008 Lunar BU set 1/2oz to 10oz so if you have anything you're not really wanting and are keen to share with me, 2oz 5oz and 10oz the 1/2 and 1oz i have 😉

  15. Great job on the flip! The key is you got them all for such a good price that it makes selling them for a profit much easier!

  16. Wow, it's amazing how much room it takes to store all of those proof coins! I hope you do well on your trade SS, keep us informed and best of luck! Do you still have your 3 coin proof sets and if so, do you plan to unload them as well? I've thought about it, but only two sets to completion, then I might sell or trade. Just curious as to your thoughts going forward.

  17. dam idk why but I'm always surprised by your motherload of product vids!? haha shouldn't be..go big or go home. I'm at home..😁

  18. smart move man in my opinion. Right now, i think those have higher risk than reward. I'm only keeping a couple for my collection, but not for speculating. At this time its just the basics. Unless its gold semi numi

  19. The 2016 kook would be a good year to gain ounces and have a more popular coin. Or wait to see what the next queens beast design is. Love your channel man, you got a great business sense and I think your strategy for the future is spot on.

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