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SHIBA INU(SHIB)🔥Strategy Between Shiba Inu & Vitalik Buterin? #SHIBAINU #SHIB

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  1. Burn பண்ண ஏற்கனேவே வாங்கி வச்ச நம்ம காயினும் போய்டுமா bro

  2. Thank You Future Crypto, Considering Kishu is partnering with Softbank and that Kishu is growing faster than Shib or any asset ever, the future of Kishu looks good.

  3. Hai bro PBS coin deposit and withdrawal one month ku Stop pannunga nu news vanthadhu atha pathi konjam sollungal bro

  4. indha coin ku oru technology and use case ilaye.. Epadi increase agum nu soluringa..

    Doge also same only but elon musk la mattum tha eruthu.. But indha coin Bitcoin oda compare panarathu tha epadi nu theriyum. So many are doing this.

  5. Hello guys I mentioned that they burnt 90% Supply, I'm so sorry, they gifted 50% Supply to Vitalik, in that 50% Supply he burnt 90%, not in total supply.

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