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Skyrim: How To Make An OVERPOWERED DUAL WIELD Build On Legendary Difficulty

A Guide on how to set up an OP DUAL WIELD build on legendary difficulty. This character makes use of the One-Handed, Heavy Armor and Smithing skill trees.



  1. By the way guys if you try the build make sure to grab all the Dwemer metal from the Markarth Museum and the Dwarven Storeroom. Hope you all enjoy the video!

  2. Lmao I still use this build at level 61 my other build was too good that the game stopped being fun, so a slight downgrade to the same play style was actually better than being even stronger so thanks!

    Also that doesn’t mean I think this builds bad it actually slaps

  3. I have played Skyrim 3 times and each time I end up with one handed tank. I really want to try this stealth archer everyone keeps talking about.

  4. Bro thank you so much, this build iş good but have some bad points. Firstly, sword can upgrade with enchantments; ı made nearly 400 damage per sword. Secondly, the armor sucks on magic damage. Can you make a New video for Two handed.

  5. This style of video is just genius. It shows with detail how you make the build and keep you watching because of the humor. It's AWESOME

  6. when i go to radiant raiments they never have the smithing necklace in stock despite how many times it changes, idk if its because of my level (level 7 as of now) or what but after countless searches on google i can't find any conclusion.

  7. I’m gonna do a little bit more research but help would be great, do you guys know why when I try to upgrade my armor and sword past superior it says I lack the skill even tho I have the dwarven perk in the smithing tree

  8. The swords sound like crap in vanilla. Once you've heard and played with Soulborne, there is never a way back to this earbleeding torture ya'll endure.

  9. 6:28 I stored stuff in that cabnet in Anise's cabin and it vanished, safe in alchemy satchel and other cabinet. Every storage is safe in her cellar.

  10. I recently tried your stealth archer build, it was my first game without cheating. Gonna try this one next thnx homie

  11. Theres a glitch on console with the dual weild power attacks. Once you do the power attack, press r2 and l2 mid power attack. It will stop the dual weild power attack from draining stamina

  12. Me watching a Fevvy skyrim build video for the first time: This has to be fake
    Me after watching a Fevvy skyrim build video for the first time: Am I seeing things?

  13. This build was basically what my friend's first build was. We were pretty certain it was the most OP thing you can do without breaking the game.

  14. Overpowered Bard build
    Overpowered Gintama (Sakata Gintoki) Wooden Sword build
    Overpowered Prison Break (Shiv weapon) build

  15. Spamming iron daggers? Wow. Must not know about the transmute spell. I use that untill lvl 30 or 40, then raid dwarven bows

  16. I am so happy I've finally completed this build but i don't have DLC's so i use an deadric sword🖤

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