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Spirit Swap Farm on FTM + Harvest Update – Crypto DeFi Yield Farming

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  1. I will subscribe, man

    Could you let with me your opinion about BocaChica's best IDO platform? woe do u think??

  2. I need your advice once again, fella. Found an review about RAPTOR. As I got it, they are fighting climate change. Should I join them?

  3. Speaking about crypto, what do ya prefer? I chose MRJOBSFINDER because it's unusual and interesting. Being confident Ima already in it. your thoughts? What do ya think?

  4. Great Fantom Opera Tutorial .
    Fantom Bridge .. charges 100 FTM .
    Will Their Fees Scale Down .. If the Price of FTM Increases ?

  5. I think you can also switch all your coins to binance coin from metamask.
    Send it to binance and buy FTM there. So you skip the etherieum network fee.
    FTM binance to FTM wallet

  6. Do you know any videos I can look at to understanding of what farms to choose and know when to back out?

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