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Spiritswap Bridging Avalanche AVAX to Fantom FTM Full Tutorial

This took me a while to understand..
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00:00 Introduction
00:20 Understand the different networks
01:56 The most important thing
03:54 SpiritSwap overview and connecting wallet
05:35 Get USDT on Traderjoe
08:05 Bridge USDT AVAX to USDT FTM
10:20 Swap USDT for more FTM on spiritswap
13:54 Conclusion

I will admit it took me longer than it should but its done now

The biggest issue was that I somehow had FTM wallet with different address than AVAX and they should be the same.

Go to traderjoe on avalanche to swap any coins to USDT then go to spiritswap bridge to sent it to fantom network.

After you get FUSDT make sure to swap it for more FTM to always have money for transaction fees.

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