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Spooky Swap – AMM on Fantom OPERA – BOO token farming Open

Grab a CEAZOR 🖼️NFT🖼️❗❗. Want to …



  1. Another dex on the FTM network is spiritswap. Devs are not anon, they have quite impressive liquidity. Check it out guys.

  2. Hey Ceazor! I would love to hear what you think about shapeshift. It really looks like a solid project!

  3. They didn't randomly airdropped, there was 3 airdrop parts.

    1: The early people who are in the discord and write anything in governance/bug-reporting chat or voted in discord.

    2: The liquidity providers of at least 6.66$ value before the airdrop announcement.

    3: The liquidity providers of at least 6.66$ value after the public airdrop announcement.

    I don't know any of the devs either so be cautious people, but they are distributing the tokens fairly till now in my opinion.

  4. but what they did to zoo was unfair … and still no air drop …. any way ftm will be big thanks for vid

  5. Hmm, they don't support fusd? It is the native stablecoin of the protocol. Can we do anything with those fusd?

  6. Replying to




    Urgent call,Everyone buy Supra Token Bcz, it's going to moon very soon 1)U can stake u r Supra token with 0.5 daily Int. Rate 2)10000 Total supply 3)In market 2000 token supply 4)500 burnt 5)Every week they burn 250 tokens 6)They hv also lot's of partnership


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