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The architecture of the Sunflower Blossom Metaverse is divided into three
layers: the Consensus Layer, the Content Layer, and the Real-Time Layer.
Ownership of assets is established at the consensus level. “Sunflower Blosso
m Metaverse” uses smart contracts to manage metaverse assets, recording
ownership of assets and transaction history on hard-to-tamper blockchains.
All assets are represented by NFT and are unique.
In the content distribution layer, Sunflower Blossom Metaverse uses a
decentralized storage system to distribute the content needed to render the
world, each with a corresponding file description and based on IPFS
storage. In fact, content is represented in its entirety by multiple files,
including object content, P2P protocols, script content, and so on.
In the live rendering layer, clients communicate with each other by
establishing point-to-point connections with the help of the asset owner or
third-party-hosted servers. The user’s social experience in the “Sunflower
Blossom Metaverse” will include self-dressing, targeting other users and
online travel, online voice chat, messaging, and interacting with the virtual



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