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TEDx | What is the future of Art on Blockchain (Crypto Art and NFTs) | Gordon Berger

This TEDx talk offers an introduction to what blockchain is an how creatives might be able to use NFTs . Looking at life in a digital age, one of the roles of art is to …



  1. I truly believe that NFTs are the future of digital art. Artists can monetize their artworks they post on the internet unlike before that these kinds of artworks are easily stolen. I heard this new platform called NFT Tech. They offer free minting fees.

  2. I'm hyped on $APE, staking coming now then a listings on another exchange, going to be EPIC 🔥

  3. and here i am. trying to sell my nft because the hype is over and i've wasted all my money to gas fee just to mint..

  4. A great informative lecture. Grateful to you for presenting these future here now oriented trends and in such detail. Thank you so much.

  5. he really didn't explain why owning some token for an image already readily available is advantageous at all.

  6. Thinking about making some NFT's with my art.. I do physical paintings though, so I'm not sure how that works. Anyone know any physical paintings turned nft?

  7. This is all quite fascinating! For example solving the problem by and with digital authentication is great – takes a lot of guess work out and also filters out the fraudulent arts! Something that has cost the traditional art world millions $ every year!

    However, this also create an immense market place for everyone (big fan) but with the flood of arts, it also devalues arts globally!

    Think about it this way, before the invention of smart phones and their camera softwares and capabilities, professional photography was a thing and people would pay big $$$ for pictures! Now it’s not as much. So bad, that there’s a whole FREE online market where “artists in the field of photography” display their incredibly talent driven pictures for grab and FOR FREE! Not because they want to but because it’s technically value-less!

    If now anyone at the comfort of their house can just push out digital art – I doubt the value (even with the blockchain technology) will hold high and true for long! It’s a profound market that could backfire in the long run.

    If also at the time of Picasso there were 1000s of the same Picasso artist pushing the same art out, it would have never give Picasso’s pieces the value it has today!

    Moreover, the value of digital art – quite frankly is in the eye of the beholder! I think with this technology this value will not hold up high for too long. But it will certainly help artists one way or another – specially the talented few that hop on this technology sooner than later – before it become mainstream!

  8. Everything sounds great but what I don't get is what does "ownership" of a digital artwork mean? Besides just paying to have your name listed as the current owner. Everyone can still see that piece since it's publicly listed. If you own an NFT, can you decide to delete that artwork, alter it or make it private?

  9. This is just another creative way for people to hide their wealth on line, without paying taxes, without actually owning anything physical, welcome to the matrix….perhaps we should destroy the internet, no doubt this is a hacker and wealthy persons dream…they live in a delusional world where they can hide anything they can think up and call it intellectual prosperity…

  10. Also for artists – you have to pay a lot of money just to put your artwork out there on the market. like 3 fees and they are not 5$. So it’s very weird. It’s like I was so Into the same thought and after paying over and over again for my artwork to be on a market it seem like a robbery or a big scam .. plus after applaud I can’t even find it in a search .

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  12. the future of "art" was decided long back… art is nothing but money… and plain survival… nothing else. there is nothing scared about art…

  13. What happens when you own digital art but you die? No one ever gets to own the og or a copy of the digital art. Will the art go to the state like when someone dies and leaves their house behind for no relative? Maybe a will should be included in digital art if you can somehow confirm a death of someone who owns the artwork

  14. Coming next: Crypto Sunlight!
    "[…] That was the moment I realized this revolutionary concept. That something that is unlimited can actually be limited. Yes something that is free can be expensive. And this means sunlight can finally be owned and collected the same way as company shares."

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