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The BADDEST Dobermans Around? Warlock, King, and Goliath Dobermans

What is a Warlock Doberman? This video tells the amazing legend of the Warlock Doberman—often referred to as a King or Goliath Doberman. These are often …



  1. Our male that just passed away was 30in at the withers and weighed 125 lbs. He was full blooded doberman. I never really saw him as being huge. But he left a huge hole in my heart. I am having a hard time finding a breeder and I miss my baby boy so much😞

  2. Just go ahead and say it… a purebred Doberman is perfection… and all those other abominations and mutts are all worthless.

  3. Your videos are informative. Thanks for sharing! I’ve had German Shepherd for 32 years. I’d like to have a Doberman. They are smaller, so I was surprised to hear that some can be 100 lbs! I wanted smaller than that. Are they barkers? Shepherd’s drove me crazy, with the high pitched bark. My last dog was actually a Shepkita and he rarely barked. When he did, it was low and quite intimidating! He was perfect, but Akita’s are aggressive and I’m finished with that. Any info is appreciated!

  4. Heart from India ❣ Iam a doberman lover . I have 2 months old female dobie . She is so naughty and lovely.

  5. I have a red and rust 90 pounds and 30.5 inches high not a mixed breed either ukc parents flipped to akc, great dog ised for service work

  6. Would not walk across the street for a Warlock Dobermann, over priced, too big boned ….never liked that breeding. Are you sure about the height of that dog? I believe that you are mistaken: Do your due diligence.: Energetic, watchful, determined, alert, fearless, loyal and obedient. Size, Proportion, Substance: Height at the withers: Dogs 26 to 28 inches, ideal about 27½ inches; Bitches 24 to 26 inches, ideal about 25½ inches. › breeds
    Doberman Pinscher Breed Standard
    You have a nice dog, & you have done a good job with him, but you do not show & are not a dobermann expert, although you are well-versed as a pet dog trainer, you are no Elenor Brown of Brown's B Brian Fame, now she was an expert Breeder/Trainer or Mary M Roger's owner of Marienburg Kennels, she was an expert & was tauted around-the-world.
    There is nothing to compare to a well Socialized, well-trained Dobermann Pinscher, but like children, they require continuous training all through their lives, must be kept mentally stimulated & well exercised, and the owner/trainer must always be consistent, clear, & concise with commands, must ensure maintaining a trusting & respectful dog-human relationship. A Dobermann will even accept harsh punishment if he was in the wrong, but will always stand his ground if any punishment is too severe or unwarranted. In the wrong hands they are lethal weapons, and all training & co-habitation must be metered with lots & lots of 💘 love, their TRUST & LOVE is one of the most precious gifts in this world, & when they die they leave a hole in your heart bigger than a Mac Truck & you always love & miss them, bc a part of you is gone & the pain never goes away….never. I believe that I am a demi-expert since 1977, & a Dobermann survivor.
    Keep up the great work!

  7. My Doberman boy in his prime was 120lbs, very muscular and tall (never measured his height exactly). He had a good AKC pedigree/bloodline, never any hip issues related to size and very fast. I wouldn’t consider 120lbs to be oversized by any means, 140-150lbs however I could see being very cumbersome for a Doberman.

  8. I going to get my big European doberman puppy real soon and the color I want on my pup is , black and rust. And he going to be huge when get he full grown, like a MONSTER , but ( BEAUTIFUL ) , but better

  9. my last Doberman was a warlock I think, he was huge and so sweet and cuddly. He used to sit on my lab (crushing me slightly as he was 9 stone and his head was as long as my arm from wrist to elbow and his muzzle was about as thick too)

  10. Doberman's in my opinion are in a class all their own. What great companions and so smart. I had two and both died much to young of cardiomyopathy. One sudden death the other more prolonged but had some quality time after putting him on heart meds. My last dog Zeus was the epitome of a Dobie. I couldn't possibly replace him and didn't even try. I miss him everyday.

  11. Just beware. Dobermans, even the european lines, should not be 130 lbs.
    A while back I was searching for large europeans and stumbled upon a breeder in Atlanta, Missouri. His dobies looked OK in the pics and website but when I actually when to visit his kennel I was disgusted. The father of the puppies was only a year old and 130 lbs. His feet and entire face was swollen. It looked like he was in pain. Turns out that he didn't do health tests and the parents were not champion sired in which he lied to me. I wont give the name of the kennel but you can easily find him if you search in Atlanta, Missouri.
    The only way this guy has been selling his pups is by shipping them, because I know that anyone with the right mind would turn away if they saw the reality.

    This is getting out of hand, people are breeding for size rather than health.

  12. Great videos and this comment has no bearing on you…but that trainer that died and wanted his dog put down to be buried with him is extremely selfish and should never been able to own a dog..if I die that’s not my dogs fault…just saying as it made me angry

  13. If you want a mixed breed dog adopt one from a shelter. Dont give your money to some jerk who is cross breeding dogs for no purpose other than to get stupid people to fork over tons of money just to own the latest trend in mutt dogs

  14. We took our dogs for a walk yesterday and saw the cutest Doberman puppy in the neighborhood. It was a big puppy… we could tell he was going to be a big boi!

  15. The different names used today are a load of nonsense and are used by the unscrupulous breeders who prey on the bigger is better mentality of those seeking a fashion accessory or ego boost. If do you want a big Dobermann that is pure bred you get a European one end of. The FCi standard is different to AKC with show and working dogs on the European circuits weighing in excess off 110lb.

  16. My 10 week old Doberman puppy refuses to go on walks. At home he’s running all over the place, but when we get outside he absolutely refuses with everything he’s got to leave that front porch. We had to buy a harness because the collar kept slipping off. It’s like trying to drag a 20lb wagon with its brakes on. He even slipped out of the harness somehow yesterday. I’m afraid we’re building a negative relationship because I have to drag him and yell at him to get him to move 20 feet to the patch of grass to piss, which probably further compounds the issue. Strongly considering a training collar, not only to get him to listen to me outside but because he won’t stop biting stuff he’s not supposed to, even thought he has at least 7 toys to chew on

  17. My Scooby turned out really large sized.. Vet said being a girl dobbie she would be 30-35 kg max but she turned a massive muscular 44. Huge built beautiful dobbie… perfect for a dobbie to look so athletic and stunning..

  18. I had a gorgeous Warlock, Doberman Dominates, he was a Doberman mixed with Bull Mastiff…absolutely a Charm…160lbs…his father was 148lbs and was chained to the ground…which I didn't like…I have had 14 Dobies and get Anything else…no comparison…his name was Lakota….

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