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The Coin Matrix Revealed (Not Will Tsai)

The Magic Garage:: UPDATE Please notice this tutorial was created 5 years ago and in NO WAY relates to Will Tsai’s brilliant, and completely different, …



  1. that tricks the one you show its posseble how about.the other triks that he show in agt that the cards gone and change into flowers how ?

  2. you're a joker, you could not make cards disappear as he did. that's the section i was waiting for. where's the revelation ?

  3. Obviously you want to drop the tsay. It looks very clear, in the video that was uploaded it looks very clear when covering the coin there are no hand tricks even played, you are very idiots who want to equate your tricks with tsay.

  4. You have the heaviest Australian accent in history! Usually I've no problem understanding you guys but wow….its like you have a mouthful of golf balls!

  5. Do you know how he puts all 4 coins under one card in the beginning then places 4 card in a square then all coins appear under each card. That is the start of his act.. How did he do that?

  6. Now show me how to snap with no cards no coins and the coins appear from thin air in its four places ..

  7. Nice try but still u don't get it dude lol
    Change the colors change the number fly them in the air lol

  8. just look at on american got talent, all everything will be just blink change without need cover, what is to explain that?

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