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The History of the Piggy Bank

Ever wonder how the Piggy Bank came to be? Today, let’s explore the history of this swine statue and how it became such a prominent visual in our lives.



  1. I couldn't imagine someone less trusting of you (plural) than me, but that's why I'm in this position. In modern USOA, it's actually spelled "pigy bank" but depositors often call it a "piagy bank:" the etiology of that particular etymological peculiarity is actually the REASON as to why they need a non-interest bearing bank in the first place. The trick about being a pigy bank is to be more attractive to the depositors than the promissory notes that the depositors store therein… yet not being so attractive that they want to be you. Stakes are high (ref. "Lord of the Flies")… Piggy achieved attractiveness, but in the wrong way… under the wrong circumstances, at the wrong time, and thus failure resulted (chapter 11).

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