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The NFT Man, But I Made it Into a Downloadable Mod

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You just had to get a singing NFT, didn’t you?

Story time!
This has got to be my most tiring and favorite video I’ve made so far!
It took me less time than I thought it would to make it (less than a day), but it also made me the most tired.
I didn’t expect this song to be such a banger when I first heard it, but then it got stuck in my head, so I HAD to make it into a Fnf mod!

I added a few extra things to make the mod feel more alive, I hope you like it!

Songs used:
The NFT Man:

Mods used:
Vs. Whitty: (Street BG)
Everywhere at the End of Funk: (Depressed Bf)
Vs. Arch: (Bank guy lol)
Vs. Monkey: (NFT monkey)

Mod link:

#Fnf #FnfCharts #Monkey #CG5 #NFT #Arch #Chart



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